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Amber Neutering stray cats


TNR Trap, Neuter & Release ! ! !

The trap neuter and release method has always been my MAIN AIM!
A staggering 75% of kittens born on the street die before five months of age.

The population of cats is out of control! There are 1.5 million cats on the island, and every day, the number increases, while the number of people is only 1.2 million. There are more cats in Cyprus than human beings! Most cats are sadly malnourished and covered in sores.
By far, TNR is the most impactful action you can take to help stray cats' health, to stop more suffering of innocent kittens, and to prevent unhealthy females giving birth in terrible conditions in which they can also die whilst giving birth.

The list of benefits is endless, and therefore, I relentlessly continue to neuter as much as I can.

I am so PASSIONATE about TNR ! ! !

  Seeing such horrendous suffering absolutely fueled me to act!


a sick cat needing help

YOU can help by clicking here NOW!

I had no experience prior to coming to Cyprus, but I had such a strong feeling in my heart to make a difference ! ! !

I was so determined to help the cats I taught myself to trap cats—even the very wild ones!
As you can imagine I have been in some very stressful situations by catching wild cats, but I won’t give up! I have spent many, many hours and endured many nasty cat scratches to say I am an experienced cat catcher! I am so pleased to share that I have caught hundreds of cats for neutering, and I am proud of every single cat scratch. I will always continue, with your support, to neuter more.

This essential TNR action is not possible without donations, so please, every donation matters!

Together, we can stop kittens from dying on the streets. Female cats multiply at fast rates – a female cat can get pregnant as young as four months old and give birth three times per year, producing six kittens in each litter. Cat procreation can explode at an overwhelming rate.

Every cat neutered is given a much better chance at life.

Did you know all the help you give every time you donate to neuter a cat?? You contribute towards….
•      Cat population management resulting in fewer cats fighting for food and suffering
•      The cats will fight less, resulting in fewer injuries that normally go untreated in stray cats
•      They will be less likely to get diseases through mating, and the risk of cancers will be reduced
•      Neutered males will be less likely to roam, which means less chance of getting hit by a car
•      Female cats won’t be in heat - so less wailing in the middle of the night
•      Fatal FIV disease will be far less likely when the cats are neutered early on
•      Proven studies show neutering can increase a cat’s life span by two years
Together we can stop the suffering and be part and proud of making a difference today!
“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

Neutering is ESSENTIAL to reduce SUFFERING!!!

Become a Cat Rescue Angel, click here

Become a Cat Rescue helper by clicking here

A staggering 75% of kittens born on the street die before five months of age.

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