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About me

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Amber, the soul of cat rescue angels, stray cats cyprus

Who am I?

How Did I become a Crazy Cat lady?

How do I make a difference?

I am originally from Great Britain, but I relocated to Cyprus 11 years ago. Instantly, I was struck by the sadness of the number of stray cats. I am sensitive to any form of suffering, and to see the neglect and abuse of these cats was overwhelmingly heartbreaking. I could not ignore such hardship, and I knew I had to find a way to help them! I am not a big charity or organization; I am just an individual with a deep love for all animals and a passion to protect and stop the misery of stray cats in Cyprus. I am close to nature and very much respect the world around me. I wish to spread happiness, consideration, and care to all living things I meet in this world.

My determination and empathy for the desperate situation in Cyprus inspired me to learn vital skills to enable me to catch cats for neutering and make a positive impact quickly.
I started my cat-care mission by neutering all 27 cats in the first colony I found.

I am a non-profit cat rescuer.

During my time in Cyprus, I have consistently provided food, water, shelter, healthcare, and love to the unloved, abused street cats. I even managed to rehome many lucky kittens to Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland. Sadly, I have now used all my own personal savings over the years to do these lifesaving actions, so now, donations are essential to keep my cat-care activities going.


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Each cat success story has given me a wonderful sense of accomplishment in my life. Seeing how much healthier and happier the cats were from my efforts encouraged me to continue to do more…….

Seeing the cats flourish from such a sorry, broken state to a healthy content cat is pure joy to my heart and eyes and absolutely worth all the stress and every euro spent.

My native French husband and I make it a daily mission to care for all the cats, to make an awareness, to change the future for the better, and to never ignore suffering.

Every cat’s life matters…
No cat on my path is left in pain or ignored

I wish to spread happiness, consideration, and care to all living things I meet in this world.

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